Do you keep up with the change?

Since I have first dialed up to the Internet in late 1993 I consider myself an “early adopter”. There is one trend that existed ever since Web 1.0 was born: Today’s cool stuff will be tomorrow’s ordinary stuff.

Back in the late nineties it took years for a really cool web feature to reach its expiry date, mainly because Internet users expected less than today and because development cycles were much slower due to technology limitations. Having an Internet presence was cool enough. Today, new web sites and applications can be developed in very short time, and to please the demanding internet audience, a lot more features and frequent upgrades are required.

In order to keep up with this fast changing medium, online markters need to spend a lot of time researching online. Unfortunately I can not always make sufficient time available for reading blogs and email newsletters. Listening to podcasts on my way to work helps, but podcasting does not sufficiently cover all important areas of online marketing yet. I wish I had at least one hour just for research every day. Too many of my email newsletters are trashed without reading, and too many RSS feeds create no more than a headline that is never clicked. Pressing delete on interesting subject lines really hurts.

How much of your time do you spend researching online?

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