iPod Shuffle Manager

iPod Shuffle PlayerSome time ago I won an iPod Shuffle which I use as a backup device for playing podcasts. Because fast-forwarding is too slow, the Shuffle is not a good device for playing podcasts. But what really annoys me is the fact that you have no control over the files unless you use Apple’s massive iTunes music player. People who never had one won’t believe this, but you can’t just use a file manager like Explorer to copy or delete files on an iPod. Actually you can, but the Shuffle won’t recognize or play them. I found a tool to fix this problem!

It’s the iPod shuffle Manager. It gives you full control over your files. Here is what you do:

  1. Delete all files and folders on the Shuffle, including the hidden ones
  2. Make new folders for your audio files (optional)
  3. Copy audio files to the Shuffle
  4. Download the Shuffle Manager (very small exe)
  5. Copy Shuffle Manager to your Shuffle
  6. Execute Shuffle Manager

That’s it. The tool will build the Shuffle database for you. No files will be renamed.

Main advantages:

  1. Use any file manager to update your mp3 files
  2. Do this on as many different PCs as you like. With iTunes, only one music library can be sync’ed.
  3. See the original file and folder names on your Shuffle. No more iTunes renaming to cryptic names.

Disadvantages (not for me):

  1. You need to execute Shuffle Manager or click it’s refresh button each time after updating the files
  2. You probably don’t want this anyway, but iTunes no longer work with a player controlled by Shuffle Manager. Firmware updates keep working though, and you can always allow iTunes to take back control and reset the player.
  3. The tool does not work on an Apple machine, but I guess that if you use a Mac, you don’t mind being locked into iTunes anyway :-)

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