Google bought Jaiku

jaikuAnother smart acquisition by Google, proving that miniblogs are considered an important social networking phenomenon by big influencial organisations, too. I was wondering which of the miniblogs would be bought first. Twitter lost. With its strong mobile integration and RSS capabilities, Jaiku obviously was a more interesting acquisition target for Google. Lets hope that Google keeps up Jaiku’s good work.

I was wondering why Nokia had not bought Jaiku already. The Jaiku founders are former Nokia employees, and Jaiku works great with mobile devices, with special client software for Nokia phones. Also, Nokia is building the OVI interactive portal as the next step in “connecting people”, with music and games. Jaiku’s social networking features would have nicely complemented this service. For more information about Nokia’s OVI site see my on-conference blog post.

Jaiku is great. I let it import CSS feeds from all my social networking sites. is the easiest way to track me online :-)

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