Web Site Globalization Conference – Thursday Afternoon Session

2nd day of a well organized IQPC conference on Web Site Globalization, Barcelona Sep 20, 2007

Laurent Ezekiel – Senior Client Partner

Dan O’Sullivan – Director

“Creating, Deploying and Managing a Multi-Lingual / Multi-Country User Generated Content Site”

Creating a successful community site is a big challenge:


  • how open can the community be (content filtering, moderation before or after publishing)
  • who is the content owner
  • is it authentic
  • tools: blogs, microblogs, wikis, virtual worlds, social bookmarking…
  • risks: author bias, credibility, brand attacks, legal (copyrights, data protection, child protection)
  • difficulty: “seeding” (getting initial attention)
  • localization strategy
  • posting guidelines

Case: ThisIsGirl.com, Lacoste fragance for 16-20 year old girls

  • LBI created the site, translation.com took care of the translaion and localization
  • translation.com also drives discussions as a moderator (topics relevant to local market)

Tools used:

  • MSN messanger skin
  • posting (no threaded discussions)


  • same age group
  • kick off or stimulate discussions

Ersin Kurun – Senior Project Manager
Unic Internet Solutions

“Understanding Web 2.0 to Enhance the Scope and Return of Your Online Marketing ”

“Reputation economy”: volunteers generate content and participate at no charge

Principals of Web 2.0:

  • The long tail (use peers to market the less popular items for you)
    • user recommendations
  • user generated content
    • users become more extroverted, share more personal info
    • collective intelligence
  • easy information distribution (CSS, XML, APIs)
  • recommendation instead of information
  • mashups, mostly with Google map, like maps with local disease info provided by users
  • social networking
  • non-hierarchical
  • conversation, collaboration, connection (people and data)
  • giving up control

Presentations not attended to:

Salome López-Lavado – Translation Manager, SONY EUROPE
“Deployment of a Translation Workflow: Effective Local Communication Versus a Manageable Technical Solution”

Gerhard Budin – Professor, UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, AUSTRIA
“Managing a Cost-Effective Terminology Strategy as an Integral Part of Your Localization Workflows”

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